Confidentiality and data protection

Seller shall use any data received from Buyer exclusively to fulfil Buyer`s orders. Seller may save and process Buyer`s personal data according to the Austrian data protection act (BDSG) and the teleservice data protection act.

Passing on data to a third party
Strict data protection shall be guaranteed. Seller shall pass on personal data, including delivery addresses or e-mail addresses to a third party only with explicit approval of Buyer, who is entitled to revoke this approval any time. However, Seller shall be entitled to provide service partners with all personal data required to serve Buyer`s order. Service partners, among others, may be the delivery company responsible for the delivery of ordered goods or the financial institution concerned with payments. Seller only shall be entitled to pass on data absolutely required to fulfil Buyer`s orders.

Further information
Buyer shall have the right to be informed on any data saved by Seller and to ask Seller to change or delete any saved data any time. Buyer may communicate any requests via mail or e- mail to